Friday, July 21, 2006

this is ridiculous...

I spend the entire day fighting to keep my eyes open and even fall asleep for a few minutes while on a float in the pool but just can't sleep when night falls. Right now I'm tossing and turning (actually I'm writing this blog but you know what I mean) and I just can't stop my mind from churning. I've come up with this whole new script for the TV show Law and Order:  SVU but still nothing new for the screenplay. Even earlier today I started writing an outline for an eBook on forgiveness and I keep returning to another eBook for writers. A whole lotta stuff about writing new projects but not a word written on the project most dear to my heart. Can you say arrrrrge?!!!!!          
I was really close. So most of you know that I'm single and I've recently started actively meeting guys from on-line sites (yes mom, I'm being careful). I received a phone call from one guy and we talked about the screenplay. I got so interested in my screenplay again that I was excited to get to the page but I procrastinated and lost my ambition. This same guy had inspired an idea for a book project that I plan to work on during this Novembers event where thousands of aspiring writers commit to writing a 50,000 word novel in thirty days. I've done it two years now (won one - of course winning consists of just reaching the goal and receiving a certificate of completion but hey, how many other people can say they've written a 50k word novel in a month?) Of course my novel is no where near finished even at 50,000 words and it's still in its first draft. But my point is that I seemed to have found a muse and I haven't even meet him face to face yet. I'm not even sure romance will bloom but I like being inspired. Now if only he'll call again. Maybe then I can actually get a couple of pages written on the screenplay. ARRRRRGE!!!!!           
On a side note, a good friend of mine recently inherited the original Crossroads guitar of Eric Clapton from a co-worker along with other very valuable guitars.  Amazing. Simply amazing. I can't wait to set my eyes on that guitar. Think maybe I might be able to touch the guitar of who some people say is god? Tune in next time.....

Monday, July 17, 2006

Writers Block

So I've given my screenplay thus far to a few friends who have read it, made a few comments and gave it an overall good review but now I'm paralyzed with writer's block. I've never had that happen before. I've always been eager to get comments on my work so I'm beside myself. I spent two weeks house sitting and didn't get a lick of work done. I'm home now and actually opened the file but closed it immediately. Guess I have some issues to work out before I can tackle it again. Maybe I'll go back to the interview process and chat it up with my character.           
Other news on the writing home front: I've designed several writing classes, workshops and retreats. Now I just have to find a venue, market each of them and get a backbone to actually teach them. I'm also designing an ebook from one of the classes.          
On the home front, a very dear friend has invited me to spend a week in Vegas with him (he lives there) and I've accepted his offer. I'll be spending a week there next month. I know, no one goes to Vegas in the heat of August but who goes to Vegas and spends it outdoors? I'll be hopping from one air conditioned atmosphere to another. 21 anyone? (It'll be my first chance to gamble. Any hints for a first timer?)

Saturday, July 8, 2006


So I've been a royal slacker the last few weeks. My intention to make a huge dent in my screenplay while I was house sitting has gone to the wayside.  I've been feeling run down ever since my bout with food poisoning a little over a week ago. I know it's because I haven't been eating and sleeping properly but I just haven't had much of an appetite. My stomach has been so sensitive for so many years now that most food is not even appealing anymore. But my plan is to get a scene or two written today. My reign over this new environment ends late next week so I plan to have several new scenes written if we don't get swamped with work. My boss has a birthday this week so we may take it easy and celebrate for a day or two which will give me a little extra time to write. Now just to A.A.T.S. (apply a** to seat). Off I go. (I got a new writing pen in the mail today, so I'm off to experiment with my new toy.)           

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Hippo Birdie Witches Two Bill

Hippo Birdie Two Ewes          
Hippo Birdie Two Ewes          
Hippo Birdie Two Bill          
Hippo Birdie Two Ewes          

Aunt Mavin Mors          

(big three six today)          

love ya

Friday, June 30, 2006

Wow, it's been awhile...

Well, a lot has happened in the last two weeks. My roommate moved out so I'm in the process of reorganizing my office and reclaiming my writing space. I wrote up a letter for a marketing campaign for our business and the return already has been 15% so we've been busy busy busy and we expect to get even busier with the start of the new quarter. Friends have gone out of town and have asked me to house sit (or more preciously kitty-sit) but the first full day they were gone I was hit with another bout of food poisoning. "But I'm feeling muuuuuch better now." (Tell me where I reference that from and you win todays grand prize.)          
So I'm settling in to the big house with the big tv that's calling my name, with the exercise equipment that's appealing, a dsl high speed connection that's addictive and all the other distractions and I keep reminding myself I have a screenplay to write. But tonight I have a date. First one in awhile and the first one I'm meeting from craigslist. Wish me luck.          
I've finally decided how to go about introducing the romantic interest in the first third of the screenplay. Originally he didn't have a very big part at all until about half way through but it's better that it be a little more established by that point. Of course Mattie is fit to be tied. He didn't necessarily profess his profound love for her while he was drunk, just the next morning after he had passed out. While he was drunk though, he did make an ass of himself and totally disrespected her. But now they're suspicious of each other. He's not sure that she's an assassin but assumes that she is. He's a cop who may not have total loyalty to his family at heart. His father, who is Mattie's contact, doesn't trust him and Mattie is beginning to understand why. Fun. Fun. Fun.          
It's a holiday week and business will be slow for a couple of days, so I plan to roll out several more scenes before my friends return from vacation. I'm shooting for completion but we'll see. Gotta go get ready for my date.          


Monday, June 19, 2006

Just a little chatter...

Well, I decided that I'm going to get out there and meet people. I posted a personal ad on and got a listing two hours I had 10 emails (two of which were jerks). Just 16 hours later, I've received over 30 emails and I'm chatting up a storm. I just emailed a guy from NY who is relocating here. I figured he could use a friend to show him around when he gets here. Don't worry mom, I'm being careful.          
But doing the work I do, I don't get to meet very many people. When I worked in retail, I used to meet a lot of people. I was able to get over being shy whenever there was a counter between me and the customer. I'm not as shy as I used to be but I'm still nervous about talking to people, everyone wonders what it is you want from them. Here in Atlanta, a lot of people are suspicious. Are they like that everywhere? I think I just need to move out to the country.          
Working in retail, I've realized, I had a lot of guys flirting with me all the time. It's been years since I had that kind of attention, kind of deflates a girls ego a bit, but getting 34 emails in one day has really put a little bounce in my step. Now all I have to do is limit the addictive on-line behavior and encourage the writing o' the screenplay. It's a lonely job but someone's got to do it.          
So how was Father's Day for everyone. Happy Wishes go out to all you fathers out there and especially to my step-father who gave me (and my brother) a wonderful compliment this morning and to my brother whose helping to raise his fiancĂ©es daughter. And to my Dad, where ever he is, Happy Daddy's Day, love you and miss you.          


Saturday, June 10, 2006

first sex scene

Well, I just wrote my first sex scene in the screenplay and boy did this room ever get so hot and stuffy.          
It wasn't much of a sex scene, just a little unwanted groping but I've come to realize (pardon the pun) that Mattie, my main character, is still a virgin at age 25. Being a hit man doesn't lend itself to getting close to too many people but her romantic history has been so skewed that she just isn't interested in developing a romantic relationship. Though there is a romantic interest if only on his part so far. I envision someone like Michael Imperioli, Christopher from The Soprano's, playing the love interest. Now that gets my panties in a wad.          
Mattie has taken on a side job and invited the unwanted groping but now that she's taken care of that problem, she's gotten herself into a heap of trouble and everything has been blasted across the front page of the New York Times. Everyone's pointing the finger at everyone else and a whole lot of dirty deals are surfacing which implicates the Mayor's Office and the Deputy-Mayor himself. Tune in next time for another exciting installment          
of It's a WRITER'S LIFE.           
Same bat time. Same bat channel.           
(Okay I admit it, I have a weird sense of humor.)

Don't get it right, get it written!


Wednesday, June 7, 2006

another incredible day

How'd everyone fare through 06/06/06?          

I've completely broken through the writers block and spent the night last night writing. I was crawling into bed as my roommate was getting up for work. Of course, nighttime is the best time for me to work since I've been a vampire for as long as I can remember. (Check out the time stamp on this blog.) Even as a child, I was up under the covers with the flashlight reading a book. I even once burnt the pillow with a light bulb from a lamp (sorry mom). When I spent the weekend at my grandparents, I would be up until 2, 3, or 4 am reading or writing. Grams always wondered why I slept late all the time.  No matter how much sleep I get or don't get, I'm usually wide awake when the sun goes down. Everyone seems to think there's something wrong with me but my rhythm just seems to be that of a night person. That's one reason why I'm so excited about going to France. I want to see if I'm still a night person when I'm on the other side of the world or if my rhythm changes.          

I'm planning a trip with three of my girl friends to New York City this fall. I'm really excited about it. The four of us painting the town red. We've only been out to dinner once in the last 16 years. We were little hellions in college so it will be great to get in touch with that side of ourselves again. No husbands. No kids. Just the four of us out on the town. Anyone out there willing to bail our asses out of jail if we get into trouble?          

It probably won't be as bad as all that. I want to scout out locations for the screenplay and see the Guggenheim and go ice skating at Rockefeller Center and maybe even a carriage ride through Central Park, all those romantic things I had planned to do someday with a romantic interest but since all the guys I know are sitting on their asses, I'll just plan to do all this with the girls. Eat your heart out men.          

Anyway, during my writing session last night, I found out that Mattie, my main character, has a dog. Who knew? I hadn't planned for it since I intend for her to be out of touch with her emotional side. Usually when someone owns a pet, the animal tends to bring out the warm, fuzzy side so it was a surprise for me to hear the growling of a Doberman on the other side of her apartment door. I also learned that since she spends so much time at her Uncle's restaurant, she hates cooking for herself (or should I say, she hates cooking for one) so her freezer is filled with tv dinners while the dog has gourmet meals every night. I even named the dog Emmett (as in Emmett Kelley) and I've worked in the name Weary Willy (reference:  Barney & Bailey). Here's my salute to you AJH. Love ya.           TTFN


Tuesday, June 6, 2006

amazing three days

I just spent three days in the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar and I'm just blown away by everything I've learned. As many of you know, I'm constantly seeking knowledge of any kind by attending seminars, workshops and the such. So many of the seminars out there are just regurgitations of the same old stuff but this one is so far above anything I've taken before. I did things this weekend I never imagined I could do and the way I think about money has transformed so much that I'm excited about money for the first time in my life. My financial situation has already turned around.          
And this seminar doesn't only deal with becoming a millionaire, it deals with all aspects of your life:  How you do anything is how you do everything. I learned that I tend to avoid aspects of my financial life and that is the root cause of money avoiding me. But not only money but so many other things in my life; like romance, a career I love, and words of my screenplay (and writing in general). I've always felt 'not good enough' and though I've worked on this issue before and would have sworn that I was over it, it never really went away.          
When I was seven, mom threw me a birthday party in February (my birthday is in December). I received a very expensive porcelain doll from a friend who couldn't attend the party. I was told that it was too expensive and I had to return it. Not only was I devastated that I couldn't keep it but I was embarrassed that I had to take it back to school and give it back to the girl who had given it to me. My seven year old little mind decided that I wasn't good enough for nice things or the things I wanted so my entire life I've repelled nice things and money and all the things (and people) I wanted because subconsciously I didn't think I deserved them.          
This weekend, that all changed. I AM GOOD ENOUGH. I am even good enough to write a magnificent screenplay that becomes a blockbuster movie. I'm good enough to be the on-site screen writer and travel to France and NYC and meet people like Natalie Portman and I'm good enough to make a six figure income from my screenplay. NO MORE WRITERS BLOCK!!! EVER AGAIN!!! (I'm very confident, ain't I??!!!)          
Well, I'm off to write, write, write!!!          
If you'd like to learn more about the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar, check out these links and use my reference # (412288):          
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of wealth by T. Harv Eker (book)         

Buy the book and receive two free tickets to the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar if you register before July 1, 2006.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Just a little note...

I wanted to send out my eternal thanks to my cousin for his help with my computers. As some of you know, my laptop crashed after I lugged it to Disney; eight hours in the Orlando airport with this dead weight on my shoulders, I wasn't a happy camper when it crashed. I ended up losing 150 pictures from my digital because I couldn't download to the computer and the camera doesn't have a memory card. I really wanted to pitch the laptop out of the plane instead of lugging it through the airport again on the return trip (an then having security search the entire bag too, it's lucky to have made it back to Atlanta.) But anyway, all data was first thought to be lost but my cousin is a wiz at computers. Everything has been retrieved, including the first part of my screenplay (of which that was the only copy. I know. I know. Back-up. Always back-up. I won't be lazy about it anymore.)
So I was making technical changes on part one last night and just glancing at the material, there seemed to be such an energy about what I'd written that it's sparked a writing marathon. No more writers block for me. I'm still in conversation with Mattie cause there's still something she wants me to know but at least I'm working on the screenplay again. Hip Hip Hooray!!! Double kudos go out to my cousin!

AJH commented:
Wanted to let you know I am cheering your progress.

Mandan commented:

 This is a great website Cheyenne! I'd love to see some of your screenplay!

Have a great evening. =)


 Cheyenne commented:
Thanks Manda. I'm just about at the point where I'll be needed input and you're at the top of my list. Look forward to it. 

Dabbling in Something New

I suppose you could say that I've written a few articles before but now I've written one for Writers Digest (finally finished) and plan to submit it here in the next couple of days. We'll see what happens. This has the potential of being the first paying market I've submitted my freelance work to. I have the option of submitting to other writing magazines but my favorite is WD so that's where I start. Let you know what happens.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

wanted to share my favorite poem

my childhood

my bed is high
off the ground          
my feet dangle down          
never touching the floor          

the sun doesn't shine          
through my window          
the awning           
over the porch          
puts a stop to that          

the squirrels          
in the tree          
next to the porch          
run & jump          
& play hide & seek          
& never see me watching           
longing to be free          
to join in the fun          

Raggedy Ann is mad at Andy          
and they're both not talking to me          
and even my imaginary friend          
doesn't want to play today

Monday, May 22, 2006

Back to the Monday Morning Routine

As most of you know, I have no set schedule or routine. Everything I do is rather spontaneous, including work. Unfortunately my work schedule is ruled by someone else's spontaneity. But that leaves me time to write, sporadically. (Maybe I'm more sporadic than spontaneous but spontaneous sounds better.)          

So anyway, I went to bed rather late for most of you but early for me, around 2 am, figuring I'd sleep til at least 10 but nooooo! I was up shortly after 7 am, my mind racing. It hit me that I wanted to write an article for the Writer's Digest on this years upcoming National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. For those of you who don't know, the NaNoWriMo writing contest takes place in November, every November, where those of us who actively (and voluntarily)participate crucify ourselves upon the pen and let our blood intermix with the ink and commit 50,000 words of a new novel onto paper (or computer memory, as the case may be).

The deadline for publishing in an October or November issue of a magazine looms overhead at this very moment so the first thing I do this morning is... you guessed it, jump on the bouncer with my hand weights listening to Bob Marley and the Wailers. (My neighbors just love me.)          

I have no idea where the motivation for that came from. I'm not a morning person. My day starts around 3 pm. If I'm awake to see the sun rise it's because I've been up all night. For the last week or so, I've been waking up just after 7 and not always by choice. Seems the landscaping crew feels that it is necessary to wake the neighborhood early with their make-shift alarm clocks; mowers, weed-eaters, trimmers and blowers. And they do not give you a chance to go back to sleep. Seems that it takes an entire eight hours to trim the property here. And they can't do all the work in one day. The next day is for the mowers and the next is for the weed-eaters, etc. etc. etc.. And of course, there are the guys on the roof repairing the storm damage from April 8th. Arrruuuuuggg!!!!! It's a good thing I don't have a shotgun! Though I could learn first hand what my character Mattie, would go through as a sniper. Hmmmmmm. Anyone got a shot gun for sale, reasonably priced? After all, I am a starving artist.          

Well, after the bouncy thing, I rummaged through several years of Writer's Digest magazines, looking for the article that first piqued my interest in NaNoWriMo. Then scourged the WD website and finally the NaNo website and found no mention of the damn thing. I printed a bunch of info regarding the writing contest and checked my email. I wrote to Chris Baty, the founder of NaNoWriMo, yesterday with the intent of designing NaNo products to sell through their website to raise money for charity. No word yet, but of course, he's in California. It's only 8 am here in Atlanta and 5 am in the sunshine state; he's not even awake yet.          

Then I fight with the computer. Dial-up kicks me off-line 6 times and I finally give up chatting with a friend on Yahoo! IM. So, now, here it is 11:10 am and I'm blogging. Not a word written on my screenplay, though I can hear Mattie calling me from my notebook. Guess it's time to get something to eat. Then maybe tackle my journal and chat with Mattie. I still have just under 13 hours to write today, minus two hours for the 24 season finale. Busy. Busy. Busy. TTFN.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

In The Beginning

It's funny. I have a section in my book "God Doesn't Ask Why" entitled "In the Beginning." I've been noticing lately that things tend to come around again and again.          
Anyway, saw "The DaVinci Code" at the theater yesterday and was surprised to see Jean Reno playing the part of Captain Bezu Fache. Jean Reno is the star of the original movie of which I'm writing a sequel. Of course, his character is killed in the first movie, and no I'm not resurrecting him from the dead, but I do have a fantasy of inviting him to the set of my movie while it's being shot. That fantasy consists of me actually being the on-site writer while it's being filmed, which means that I'll be going to Paris, France and New York City. It's very motivating to fantasize about visiting two cities I've always dreamed about, and on someone else's dime too (or Euro as the case may be).          
My short stint as an extra on the film "Warm Springs" (out on DVD already, for those of you who missed the HBO release) and the tv show "Blue Collar TV" (out on DVD this August) gave me incredible insights into the world behind-the-scene of the movie/tv industry. I also went to Disney last month for the first time and was amazed while visiting Universal Studios and MGM Studios. I could have spent the entire week at theses two parks and not have gotten bored. We did seven parks in seven days and had a blast. Kudos go out to my brother Bill for making the trip possible. I learned so much about the movie biz. I recommend the trip to all writers out there, if only to get in touch with your inner child. While there, I picked up an official old time chalk Clap-Board at the Universal Studio Back Lot Tour ride. It's been a great visual motivator while I'm writing a new scene.          
I currently have several scenes under my belt. My intention is to have the first draft done by the end of the summer and the final draft before the end of the year. Just last week I decided that the movie will be set in the Fall and early Winter in New York City so I hope to be filming just before Christmas next year. Christmas in NYC. How exciting!!! Skating at Rockefeller Center, horse-drawn carriage rides in Central Park, window shopping. Another dream come true.           
Yesterday, I was microwaving my dinner when a Chinese Fortune stuck to the front of my refrigerator caught my eye: "You have the power to write your own fortune." That little slip of paper has been there for nearly two years and I've never noticed the dual meaning until yesterday. And I'm the one who stuck it there on the refrigerator. I really believe that in writing this screenplay, I'm about to completely transform my future and my fortune. Isn't life utterly amazing? There are signs everywhere. We just have to be aware of them.          
I've been dealing with writer's block for a little while now but I think I've found a way to break through it. I'm having a conversation in my journal with the main character of the movie. I'm learning a lot about my character and everything that's happened since the first movie. Mattie is now 25 and she owns a plant nursery in NYC. She's single and works part-time at her "adopted" family's restaurant. But all of that is a cover. She's actually a hit-man for the mob and pretty damn good at it. No one suspects that a little ol' girl could do such a thing. So follow along as I explore Mattie's world.           


As many of you know, I have endeavored to write my very first screenplay; a sequel to a movie released in the early 90's. I've already scouted out the original writer/director and producer and feel confident that they'll be interested in buying my screenplay. So all I have to do now is write it.           But, in the meanwhile, I've found a nifty way of looking productive while indulging in a form of procrastination and you're reading it: blogging!!! Seriously, my intentions here are to record my ups and downs, frustrations and celebrations throughout the whole process. What I'm asking of you is your moral support. How do you do that? By subscribing to my blog and sending me comments when you so feel inspired.
Anyway, I'm new to this blogging thing but if you have any questions, just email me and I'll get back to you with an answer ASAP. Join with me on this journey to see my name on the BIG SCREEN and you'll all be invited to the premier.  If you have any other writer friends out there whom you think would be interested in reading my blog, just forward my website address to them and encourage them to subscribe. I can use all the moral support I can get.           

Mark McDonald commented:

Great site, Shawn! I am looking forward to updates on the progress of your screenplay! That is something I've always wanted to try my hand at. My dream would be to faithfully adapt a Preston-Child novel for the silver screen (unlike what was done with 'Relic'). But, for now, I suppose I'll stick to short fiction. Good luck!

Jenn commented:

 Best of luck to you! I hope this blog isn't read by someone that will steal your idea. I can be so negative, and that's the first thought I had. So maybe talk to the folks you hope to sell it to and get some sort of contract/patent? You and your writer friends know more about these things than I do, but I want to be sure you protect yourself. Anyway, I send you best wishes and inspiration and good thoughts and energy and all that stuff. Write away, girl! Jenn

 Cheyenne commented:

Thanks Jenn. Knowing how avid a reader and movie go-er you are, I'm anxious for you to read the screenplay when I'm finished. Your opinion means a great deal to me. Cheyenne
 Cheyenne commented:

Thanks Mark. There's no time like the present to get your project underway. I highly recommend the book: "Writing Screenplays That Sell:  The Complete, Step-by-Step Guide for Writing and Selling to the Movies and TV, From Story Concept to Development Deal" by Michael Hauge. A friend loaned it to me and now I'm searching bookstores so I can have my own copy. Let me know if you find it. I've been writing fiction for so long now that it's taking a lot of effort to do this screenplay. The format is so different. I'm used to getting into the characters heads and you can't do that in a screenplay. It's definitely a lesson in 'show, don't tell.' All writers should dabble with a screenplay just for the experience. Shawn

 Markcmt commented:

Hey Cheyenne,
Great site! Consider that "writer's block" is nothing more than your mind needing down time to recharge itself and review all the angles and subplots that you're writing about. And that nothing is GOOD or BAD, it just IS (postponing your flight out West, etc.) Just a thought! 

 Cheyenne commented:

Thanks Mark, I know there's a purpose behind writer's block but it can get frustrating anyway. Thanks for the support! ;) 

Stonesinger commented:
To be or not to be?

 funnyshirt commented:

Write more often