Sunday, May 21, 2006

In The Beginning

It's funny. I have a section in my book "God Doesn't Ask Why" entitled "In the Beginning." I've been noticing lately that things tend to come around again and again.          
Anyway, saw "The DaVinci Code" at the theater yesterday and was surprised to see Jean Reno playing the part of Captain Bezu Fache. Jean Reno is the star of the original movie of which I'm writing a sequel. Of course, his character is killed in the first movie, and no I'm not resurrecting him from the dead, but I do have a fantasy of inviting him to the set of my movie while it's being shot. That fantasy consists of me actually being the on-site writer while it's being filmed, which means that I'll be going to Paris, France and New York City. It's very motivating to fantasize about visiting two cities I've always dreamed about, and on someone else's dime too (or Euro as the case may be).          
My short stint as an extra on the film "Warm Springs" (out on DVD already, for those of you who missed the HBO release) and the tv show "Blue Collar TV" (out on DVD this August) gave me incredible insights into the world behind-the-scene of the movie/tv industry. I also went to Disney last month for the first time and was amazed while visiting Universal Studios and MGM Studios. I could have spent the entire week at theses two parks and not have gotten bored. We did seven parks in seven days and had a blast. Kudos go out to my brother Bill for making the trip possible. I learned so much about the movie biz. I recommend the trip to all writers out there, if only to get in touch with your inner child. While there, I picked up an official old time chalk Clap-Board at the Universal Studio Back Lot Tour ride. It's been a great visual motivator while I'm writing a new scene.          
I currently have several scenes under my belt. My intention is to have the first draft done by the end of the summer and the final draft before the end of the year. Just last week I decided that the movie will be set in the Fall and early Winter in New York City so I hope to be filming just before Christmas next year. Christmas in NYC. How exciting!!! Skating at Rockefeller Center, horse-drawn carriage rides in Central Park, window shopping. Another dream come true.           
Yesterday, I was microwaving my dinner when a Chinese Fortune stuck to the front of my refrigerator caught my eye: "You have the power to write your own fortune." That little slip of paper has been there for nearly two years and I've never noticed the dual meaning until yesterday. And I'm the one who stuck it there on the refrigerator. I really believe that in writing this screenplay, I'm about to completely transform my future and my fortune. Isn't life utterly amazing? There are signs everywhere. We just have to be aware of them.          
I've been dealing with writer's block for a little while now but I think I've found a way to break through it. I'm having a conversation in my journal with the main character of the movie. I'm learning a lot about my character and everything that's happened since the first movie. Mattie is now 25 and she owns a plant nursery in NYC. She's single and works part-time at her "adopted" family's restaurant. But all of that is a cover. She's actually a hit-man for the mob and pretty damn good at it. No one suspects that a little ol' girl could do such a thing. So follow along as I explore Mattie's world.           

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