Wednesday, June 7, 2006

another incredible day

How'd everyone fare through 06/06/06?          

I've completely broken through the writers block and spent the night last night writing. I was crawling into bed as my roommate was getting up for work. Of course, nighttime is the best time for me to work since I've been a vampire for as long as I can remember. (Check out the time stamp on this blog.) Even as a child, I was up under the covers with the flashlight reading a book. I even once burnt the pillow with a light bulb from a lamp (sorry mom). When I spent the weekend at my grandparents, I would be up until 2, 3, or 4 am reading or writing. Grams always wondered why I slept late all the time.  No matter how much sleep I get or don't get, I'm usually wide awake when the sun goes down. Everyone seems to think there's something wrong with me but my rhythm just seems to be that of a night person. That's one reason why I'm so excited about going to France. I want to see if I'm still a night person when I'm on the other side of the world or if my rhythm changes.          

I'm planning a trip with three of my girl friends to New York City this fall. I'm really excited about it. The four of us painting the town red. We've only been out to dinner once in the last 16 years. We were little hellions in college so it will be great to get in touch with that side of ourselves again. No husbands. No kids. Just the four of us out on the town. Anyone out there willing to bail our asses out of jail if we get into trouble?          

It probably won't be as bad as all that. I want to scout out locations for the screenplay and see the Guggenheim and go ice skating at Rockefeller Center and maybe even a carriage ride through Central Park, all those romantic things I had planned to do someday with a romantic interest but since all the guys I know are sitting on their asses, I'll just plan to do all this with the girls. Eat your heart out men.          

Anyway, during my writing session last night, I found out that Mattie, my main character, has a dog. Who knew? I hadn't planned for it since I intend for her to be out of touch with her emotional side. Usually when someone owns a pet, the animal tends to bring out the warm, fuzzy side so it was a surprise for me to hear the growling of a Doberman on the other side of her apartment door. I also learned that since she spends so much time at her Uncle's restaurant, she hates cooking for herself (or should I say, she hates cooking for one) so her freezer is filled with tv dinners while the dog has gourmet meals every night. I even named the dog Emmett (as in Emmett Kelley) and I've worked in the name Weary Willy (reference:  Barney & Bailey). Here's my salute to you AJH. Love ya.           TTFN


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