Tuesday, June 6, 2006

amazing three days

I just spent three days in the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar and I'm just blown away by everything I've learned. As many of you know, I'm constantly seeking knowledge of any kind by attending seminars, workshops and the such. So many of the seminars out there are just regurgitations of the same old stuff but this one is so far above anything I've taken before. I did things this weekend I never imagined I could do and the way I think about money has transformed so much that I'm excited about money for the first time in my life. My financial situation has already turned around.          
And this seminar doesn't only deal with becoming a millionaire, it deals with all aspects of your life:  How you do anything is how you do everything. I learned that I tend to avoid aspects of my financial life and that is the root cause of money avoiding me. But not only money but so many other things in my life; like romance, a career I love, and words of my screenplay (and writing in general). I've always felt 'not good enough' and though I've worked on this issue before and would have sworn that I was over it, it never really went away.          
When I was seven, mom threw me a birthday party in February (my birthday is in December). I received a very expensive porcelain doll from a friend who couldn't attend the party. I was told that it was too expensive and I had to return it. Not only was I devastated that I couldn't keep it but I was embarrassed that I had to take it back to school and give it back to the girl who had given it to me. My seven year old little mind decided that I wasn't good enough for nice things or the things I wanted so my entire life I've repelled nice things and money and all the things (and people) I wanted because subconsciously I didn't think I deserved them.          
This weekend, that all changed. I AM GOOD ENOUGH. I am even good enough to write a magnificent screenplay that becomes a blockbuster movie. I'm good enough to be the on-site screen writer and travel to France and NYC and meet people like Natalie Portman and I'm good enough to make a six figure income from my screenplay. NO MORE WRITERS BLOCK!!! EVER AGAIN!!! (I'm very confident, ain't I??!!!)          
Well, I'm off to write, write, write!!!          
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