Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Just a little note...

I wanted to send out my eternal thanks to my cousin for his help with my computers. As some of you know, my laptop crashed after I lugged it to Disney; eight hours in the Orlando airport with this dead weight on my shoulders, I wasn't a happy camper when it crashed. I ended up losing 150 pictures from my digital because I couldn't download to the computer and the camera doesn't have a memory card. I really wanted to pitch the laptop out of the plane instead of lugging it through the airport again on the return trip (an then having security search the entire bag too, it's lucky to have made it back to Atlanta.) But anyway, all data was first thought to be lost but my cousin is a wiz at computers. Everything has been retrieved, including the first part of my screenplay (of which that was the only copy. I know. I know. Back-up. Always back-up. I won't be lazy about it anymore.)
So I was making technical changes on part one last night and just glancing at the material, there seemed to be such an energy about what I'd written that it's sparked a writing marathon. No more writers block for me. I'm still in conversation with Mattie cause there's still something she wants me to know but at least I'm working on the screenplay again. Hip Hip Hooray!!! Double kudos go out to my cousin!

AJH commented:
Wanted to let you know I am cheering your progress.

Mandan commented:

 This is a great website Cheyenne! I'd love to see some of your screenplay!

Have a great evening. =)


 Cheyenne commented:
Thanks Manda. I'm just about at the point where I'll be needed input and you're at the top of my list. Look forward to it. 

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